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What are Wilden Pumps?

In 1955 Jim Wilden founder of Wilden Pumps created the AODD pump. The original Wilden pumps were reciprocating, positive-displacement pumps. Which performed in environments and conditions where existing pumps at the time of different designs simply could not.

Today Wilden pumps are air-operated and double-diaphragm in design. Found to be popular in the construction and mining industries. This is down to their simple maintenance, reliable operation and ability to offer a wide range of flow rates and outlet pressure. With its success and high performance for pumping slurry, cement and mud Wilden pumps gained favour in other industries that work with ceramics, chemicals, oils, gases, paper and ofcourse plain water.

The original series of pumps featured clamped joints. This was in key to Jim Wilden’s original design, but more modern pumps feature utilise bolted, flanged connections for extra joint integrity and safety. New or old, Wilden pumps are also manufactured with metal or plastic bodies to suit the specific conditions the pump will be used in.

For more information about our range of Wilden Pumps feel free to contact us.

Latest News

Fluid Pumps Services

Fluid Pumps have over 60 Years of experience in the pump industry, and we are not stopping. See our wide range of pumps offered using our Pump Finder! We can also offer repair services and much more!

Posted: Wed 01-May-2013 2:26PM

Wilden Pumps

Wilden Pumps have launched the new Pro-flo X air distribution system which allows users to easily select the flow rate that best suits the application. The results are higher performance and lower operational costs.

Posted: Mon 23-Feb-2009 2:34PM

Mono Pumps

Mono Pumps have launched the new compact Mono bloc range to offer you a pump designed to fit into smaller spaces. Flows range from 1 to 225 m3/hr with max pressures upto 24bar.

Posted: Fri 07-Sep-2007 2:45PM

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