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Submersible Pumps


A submersible pump is a pump that has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The advantage of this type of pump is that it can provide a significant lifting force as it does not rely on external air pressure to lift the fluid. A system of mechanical seals are used to prevent the fluid being pumped entering the motor and causing a short circuit. The pump can be connected to a pipe, flexible hose or lowered down on guide rails or wires so that the pump sits on a “duck foot” coupling, thereby connecting it to the delivery pipework.

Drainage Pumps

Submersible sump pumpsSubmersible sump pumps are mainly used on clean water applications. These can be used for portable and fixed installation. Supplied with 5m of cable and are available with or without a floatswitch. Small solids options also available.


  • Max flow 20 m3/hr
  • Max pressure 19M
  • Connections 1” to 11/2”
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel
  • Available in 110V/240V/415V


  • Cellar drainage
  • Sump emptying
  • Ponds
  • Irrigation
  • Water features

Dirty Water Pumps

Submersible dirty water pumpsSubmersible dirty water pumps made from 304 Stainless steel, double seal ensure long life and reliability. Suitable for dirty water systems with some solids. Solids handling up to 35mm. Supplied with or without float.


  • Max flow 55 m3/hr
  • Max pressure 22M
  • Connections 11/2” to 2”
  • Available in 240V/415V


  • Waste water transfer
  • Irrigation
  • Water displays
  • Pubs and hotels
  • Sump emptying

Sewage Pumps

Submersible sewage pumpsTough, reliable submersible pumps from 2” to 8” connection sizes. Applications include clear water, waste water, sewage and for the dewatering of sludge containing solid and fibrous material. Available with open, single or multi vane impellers.


  • Max flow 650 m3/hr
  • Max pressure 72 M
  • 1kW to 15kW motors
  • Available in cast iron & stainless steel
  • Fixed & free standing installations


  • Waste water
  • Storm water
  • Sewage treatment works
  • Industrial effluent Plants
  • Underground car parks

Contractor Pump

Heavy duty dewatering contractor submersible pumpsHeavy duty dewatering contractor submersible pumps. Excellent wear resistance for the toughest of pumping jobs. Available with a number of different impeller options and also have an agitator model to assist the pumping of even the heaviest of liquids.


  • Max flow 1000 m3/hr
  • Max pressure 80M
  • Connections 2” to 6”
  • Available in cast iron & stainless steel
  • Fixed & free standing installations


  • Tunnel dewatering
  • Large water features
  • Dredging
  • Aggregate production
  • Sewerage
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