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Rotho Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pump Principle

Rotho Peristaltic Principle

A rubber tube is sqeezed along its length by rollers/shoes that push the fluid contained within. The pump incorporates a rotor with the rollers/shoes mounted on it which continually rotates, compressing and relaxing the tube. It is this action which moves the fluid through the tube with a constant rate of displacement for each revolution of the rotor. This gentle pumping action doesn't cause any damage to the product.

The fluid only comes in contact with the hose and not with any rotating parts, so the pump is very suitable for abrasive and corrosive applications. The tube's ability to reform after squeezing produces a vacuum that draws fluid into the tube, so very viscous liquids can also be pumped without problems.

The Rotho Pump Unique Design

The “roller on bearings” design of the Rotho pump offers many advantages:

The Rotho Pump Peristaltic PSF Range

PSF Range

The Rotho Pump Peristaltic MS Range

MS Range

The Rotho Pump Peristaltic SDF & DF Range

SDF & DF Range

Replacement Peristaltic Pump Hoses

Replacement Hoses

We stock and supply the full range of peristaltic pump spares to suit the Rotho pumps. We also supply a complete range of peristaltic pump lubricants and hoses in different materials that interchange with other peristaltic pump manufacturers including Bredel, PCM Delasco, Verder, Abaque and Boyser.

Ragazzini are the manufacturer of the Rotho brand of peristaltic pumps. Ragazzini also manufacture a range of high quality piston pumps. For more information on Ragazzini and their products please visit their website.

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